Covid 19 Writing Competition

'We asked young people to share their thoughts about Covid 19.... are some entries that we've received'

Song Written By Sascha



Dear Mother Earth:


Stop them all

As you stop the earth

Please stop the humans

Mother Earth

Stop the people

Stop the plastic

Stop the fuels

Stop the aerosols

And stop the news

As the wind blows

You clear your airways

When society froze

Please Mother Earth I beg of you

Make it not just something we wish but something we do

Make us change

Before I loose my faith

Stop the mass production

Humans feeding off of mass destruction

Stop us eating crops from your constricted breathing.

I’ve reached my limit

Minds polluted

But where’s the ceiling?

Please Mother Earth make the people change their behaviour not just their feelings.

How many cars can man squeeze into a plastic dome?

Filled with man made gasses and plastic hoes.

Is any of this really necessary though?

Are we satisfied yet?

Did human beings win the bet?

The end is nigh...

man’s on a constant dopamine high...

Self-sabotage ride...


It’s time to reverse down this one way wrong road.

Let go of our desire to be the knower and accept we are becoming the known.

Take care, respect, share and nurture each other as Mother Earth unloads.

Mother Earth please stop the people

Stop them all.




Poem By Gii

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