Peer Mentors, Sports Leaders & Volunteering

Peer Mentors & Youth Leaders are central to the way Carefree works; it allows young people to develop themselves and support others

By becoming a Peer Mentor or Youth Leader young people are enabled to support others

Young people volunteer to help others enjoy themselves and learn through Carefree activities & events


How does it work?

Young people who have attended an 'original' programme and activities, are over the age of 14 years & have shown ability to manage their own behaviour are invited to attend a Peer Mentor/Youth Leader introduction day or Sports Leaders training where they learn about what it means to be a Youth Leader and engage with fun activities 


If they wish to continue with the training they will be invited to attend a number of further sessions totalling 60+ hours over a number of months


Peer Mentor & Youth Leader Panel

Through this training the group will complete an APT award and engage with many activities including role plays, discussions, communication activities, dealing with conflict and many more live practice sessions with young people attending activities


Successful completion of the Ascentis APT Award leads to the young people attending the Peer Mentor/Youth Leader Panel, this involves Carefree staff, foster carers and social workers meeting the young people and deciding if they are eligible to become a Peer Mentor or Youth leader


If you're interested in peer mentoring

Carefree Youth Leaders training is supported by funding from BBC Children in Need

Watch a video by clicking the link below

Photos from our Youth Leader activities

Winner of 2012 Volunteer Awards - Jamie Tonkin
VC 2013 Jamie Tonkin.wmv
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