Young People's Voice ~ Voice for Us & Participation

Young People's Voice ~ Our Young People's Panel

We invite our peer mentors, volunteers and other young people interested in having a say, to be involved and speak out about what Carefree offers now and in the future

If you are interested in participation email:

Voice 4 Us


Do you already come to Carefree activities?

Do you want to improve children's social work services?

Are interested in meeting with other young people in care to talk about how improvements can be made, get involved with interviewing new staff, or helping to train social workers & foster carers?

We need you!!! Get in touch to find out more :) 

We have an informal group meeting twice monthly in St Austell on Mondays and Redruth on Thursdays, we want to hear from as many of you as possible!

If you are interested in Voice4Us email:


Young People as Trainers

We train and support young people to improve the care system now and for the future working collaboratively with social services to train young people in and leaving care to deliver training to social workers, foster carers and youth workers, to interview social care staff or sit on advisory groups to help improve the care system for others


We deliver training to newly qualified social workers every half term, see the following training to Newly Qualified Social Workers  by clicking to find out more


This is what newly qualified social workers said about the training...


"Thank you very much for an informative and enjoyable day. I found it really interesting to hear differnt perspectives of similar experiences.

The activities reinforced the importance of communication and co-operation.

Both young people were excellent facilitators, spoke openly and honestly about their experiences.

Thank you very much" Dave


"The training was presented in a relaxed and informal style! I especially enjoyed the games with the young people, for me this strengthened the information that was being presented. I was impressed by the young people's confidence in facilitating and presenting the day and definately recommend this to other socail workers"  Caroline

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